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      2000 RELEASES

      Below are all PG&E Corporation news releases and select releases from, Pacific Gas and Electric Company and PG&E National Energy Group. For additional releases from either company, please visit www.pge.com Link will spawn new window or www.neg.pge.com Link will spawn new window.

      News releases are archived on this website for historical purposes. Information is accurate at the time of release.

      The PG&E National Energy Group is not the same company as Pacific Gas and Electric Company, the utility, and is not regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission. Customers of Pacific Gas and Electric Company do not have to buy products or services from the National Energy Group in order to continue to receive quality regulated services from Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

      December 20, 2000
      Pacific Gas and Electric Company Issues Statement on Utility Financial Crisis... more
      December 15, 2000
      FERC Action Leaves Californians Exposed to Future Price Gouging... more
      December 13, 2000
      PG&E Corporation CEO Applauds State and Federal Leadership on Energy Crisis... more
      December 7, 2000
      PG&E Issues Statement Following CPUC President Lynch Announcement on Rate Stabilization ... more
      December 1, 2000
      PG&E Issues Statement Following Governor Gray Davis' Response to FERC... more
      November 22, 2000
      PG&E Proposes Rate Stabilization Plan To Protect Customers From High Price Of Electricity... more
      November 15, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Adds Second Wind Power Facility To Portfolio Answering Calls For New, Clean Generation In The West... more
      November 9, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Announces Otay Mesa Generating Plant Nears Completion of State Siting Process... more
      November 8, 2000
      PG&E National Energy Group Seeks Approval For New Oregon Plant... more
      November 8, 2000
      Pacific Gas and Electric Company Asks Federal Court To Affirm Company's Cost Recovery Rights Under Federal Law... more
      November 6, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Strikes 810-Megawatt Southeast Tolling Agreement; Doubles Regional Asset Base ... more
      October 24, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Reports Third Quarter Results... more
      October 23, 2000
      John Barpoulis Named Vice-President, Finance and Treasury Of PG&E National Energy Group; New Position to Lead Move Into Investment Market... more
      October 18, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Announces Fourth Quarter Dividend... more
      October 10, 2000
      Nth Power Technologies Raises $120.5 Million For Its 2nd Energy Venture Capital Fund, Nearly Doubling 1st Fund’s Resources... more
      September 29, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Enters Nevada Market With Development of 1,000-Megawatt Power Project... more
      September 25, 2000
      Laura Langer Named Vice-President, Risk Management, for PG&E Corporation... more
      September 20, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Boosts Stake in New Web-Based Wholesale Energy Trading Platform... more
      September 15, 2000
      PG&E Corporation's First Wind Farm Nears Commercial Operation; Facility is First of its Kind in New York State... more
      September 11, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Updates Industry Analysts on Outlook for PG&E National Energy Group... more
      September 11, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Signs Contracts to Secure 50 Generating Turbines Representing 15,900 Megawatts of Electricity... more
      September 8, 2000
      PG&E Corp., Waste Management, Inc. to Introduce Clean Air Trucks In San Diego; Plan Makes Way for New Power Plant... more
      September 7, 2000
      DOE Selects PG&E Corporation's Massachusetts Plants for Advanced Mercury Emissions Control Technology Testing... more
      September 7, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Acquires Merchant Generation Facility in Mississippi... more
      September 5, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Strikes Mid-West Tolling Agreement with DTE Energy Company... more
      August 23, 2000
      Gabriel Togneri Named Vice-President, Investor Relations, for PG&E Corporation... more
      August 23, 2000
      David R. Andrews Joins Boards of Directors for PG&E Corporation and Pacific Gas and Electric Company... more
      August 15, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Advances Plans For New Plant To Serve Western Power Markets... more
      August 10, 2000
      PG&E Corporation and Avista Corp. Secure FERC Approval to Move Forward With Eastern Washington Gas Storage Project... more
      August 10, 2000
      David Gee Appointed Vice President For Strategic Planning For PG&E Corporation... more
      August 9, 2000
      Proposal Uses Hydroelectric Power To Help Stabilize Energy Prices... more
      August 3, 2000
      Kinko's Signs Agreement To Promote Emission-Free Electric Generation In New York State... more
      July 31, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Says New Unit Ready to Provide Power During Peak Demand... more
      July 20, 2000
      Earnings From PG&E Corporation National Energy Group Lead Strong Second Quarter... more
      July 19, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Announces Third Quarter Dividend... more
      July 11, 2000
      Pacific Venture Capital Launches Website... more
      June 29, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Joins California ISO to Use Floating Power Plant to Help Meet Bay-Area Power Demand ... more
      June 28, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Position on California ISO Price Caps... more
      June 26, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Launches Pacific Venture Capital, LLC... more
      June 26, 2000
      Bryant Tong Named to Lead Pacific Venture Capital, LLC... more
      June 26, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Pursues Power Project In Eastern Oregon... more
      June 19, 2000
      Open Season Starts for North Baja Pipeline Project... more
      June 16, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Makes Donation To Bonneville Environmental Foundation... more
      June 12, 2000
      Sempra Energy International, PG&E Corporation and Próxima Gas, S.A. DE C.V., to Develop Mexico Natural Gas Pipeline ... more
      June 8, 2000
      PG&E Corporation's Harquahala Plant Receives Unanimous Approval of Environmental Compatibility Certificate ... more
      June 6, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Announces Expansion Of Mid-Atlantic Portfolio Through Merchant Tolling Agreement With Columbia Electric Corporation ... more
      June 1, 2000
      E-Procurement Venture Achieves Major Milestone with the Creation of Pantellos Corporation... more
      May 17, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Breaks Ground on California's Largest Competitive Power Plant... more
      May 10, 2000
      PG&E Corp. Delivers on Environmental Pledges; Applauds Governor on Massachusetts Emissions Reduction Initiative... more
      May 5, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Signs "Historic" Conservation Agreement... more
      May 1, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Names Herman General Counsel of National Energy Group... more
      April 25, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Purchases Stake in Web-based Wholesale Energy Trading Platform... more
      April 20, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Posts Strong Earnings, Paced by Record Earnings of National Energy Group... more
      April 19, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Announces Second Quarter Dividend... more
      April 19, 2000
      Following Strong 1999, PG&E Corporation Shares Future Vision During Annual Meeting... more
      April 14, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Breaks Ground On The Largest Wind Generating Facility In The Eastern U.S.... more
      April 13, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Selects Buyer to Purchase Retail Energy Services Commodity Portfolio... more
      April 12, 2000
      PG&E Corporation To Help Build National Fiber Optic Network... more
      April 5, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Launches Modernization Project of More Than $400 Million For Mass. Power Plant... more
      March 31, 2000
      UC Merced and PG&E Corp. Team Up to Promote New University to Valley Students... more
      March 30, 2000
      PG&E Corporation's La Paloma Generating Project Reaches Milestone With Record Financing... more
      March 29, 2000
      E-Commerce Venture Signals Commitment to Capturing Advantages of The "New Economy," Says Glynn... more
      March 29, 2000
      15 Energy Companies Form Consortium for E-Procurement Exchange... more
      March 7, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Unit Begins Construction of California's Largest ‘Greenfield?Merchant Power Plant... more
      March 2, 2000
      15 Percent Increase in Operating Earnings Per Share Highlights PG&E Corporation 1999 Financial Results... more
      February 28, 2000
      PG&E Corporation to issue 1999 Earnings on March 2... more
      February 22, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Honored for Innovative Merchant Generation Financing... more
      February 16, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Announces First Quarter Dividend... more
      February 10, 2000
      Hermiston Generating Plant Sets State Record; Receives Oregon OSHA Safety & Health Award... more
      January 31, 2000
      National Energy Group Announces Sale of Texas Natural Gas Business... more
      January 25, 2000
      PG&E Corporation Awards $100,000 in Grants to Environmental Educators... more
      January 1, 2000
      PG&E Corporation's Y2K Preparedness Pays Off... more
      News Releases may contain statements that are forward - looking.


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